HOW TO: Survive a Long-Haul Flight

YAY! It’s the time again where you have booked a trip away to an incredible destination and you are super excited, you cannot wait to land in the final stop but…. You have a 14 hour flight. I have figured that for some people the plane rides can either be the most dreadful or the most exciting part of the trip, either way it can still be frustrating sitting in a little seat for a long period of time. I have made a list below of a few tips you can follow that I have found super useful to ‘survive’ a Long-Haul Flight, and arrive at your destination feeling ready to go and explore!


  1. Pre-Book your seats – this is always so important, to make sure you are seated in a great area (away from bathrooms, the kitchen area, or baby basinet seats), if I am travelling alone I always prefer to choose an aisle seat, (it avoids people choosing the seats next to you), it can land you an empty row if the flight isn’t busy. If you are travelling with others, make sure you are seated next to each other, so you are able to snooze on each other’s shoulders throughout the flight.


  1. When checking in ask the check in agent if the flight is busy or not, if it isn’t busy ask them if they can put you in an empty section. Generally, if a flight is quite empty / not busy they would be more than willing to do so (I used to do check in for an airline and would always do this on empty flights).


  1. Once you’re on the flight – I’ve done this plenty of times, once the plane is fully boarded and they are going around shutting the overhead lockers, hop up and ask to quickly visit the bathroom and skim around the plane to see if there are any empty spots and if so, ask the flight attendant if you can have this spot after, and once the plane takes off and you are able to move, quickly hop over to your new empty area and stretch out for a comfy flight.


  1. Ask for the sneaky upgrade- I believe this is always worth the shot, when checking in ask the agent whether there are any spare spots in Business and ask whether there is a chance, because you never know how lucky you could be! Even on the flight, you are able to ask the flight attendant whether you are able to request an upgrade to Business class.


  1. Ensure you are well-rested- I know people say don’t sleep before a long flight so you can clonk out to sleep once you are on the plane, depending on how you are as a person this may not necessarily happen that easily and you could find yourself awake the whole flight. I would always suggest sleeping normally and falling asleep on the plane if you are able to, not after keeping yourself nocturnal for a day.

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