How travelling changed my world…


You will never be completely at home again…

I never entirely understood when others said travelling changes people, until I have finally experienced it. After heading overseas a few times with others and individually, it has done something to me I would’ve never thought could happen. I feel within myself I am not the same person I once was; I have transitioned into the person whose soul does not only belong in one place but many. For myself, I have found it challenging to stay in one place, or be ‘okay’ with being in the one place.

When you go away for some time, whether it may be a long period or short period of time, you have fun and head on the flight home with new experiences and lessons under your sleeve. You always expect things at home to have changed, people to be different, life to be different and ridiculous amounts of stories on times you have missed out on… but no. Everything is still the same, not one thing has changed, people are still the same, life back in reality is the same and there are no new stories of things that have happened and strangely you really feel bizarre within yourself, because although everything and everyone are still the same, everything about you has changed and basically your world is now completely different, for others this is difficult to understand but that is okay.

Through my experience, explaining this to others within my social circle, I had found they often looked at me with confusion and basically thought I was crazy for thinking I have ridiculously changed and my thoughts on me seeing the world and a ‘normal’ life was absurd.

I know this can be seen as something strange to say, but after transitioning into a new person, having a completely new perspective on the world and when you outgrow your old life, you no longer want to go back to the 9-5 job, sit in traffic on the way home from work or live the ‘average life,’ there’s nothing you are more passionate about than being in a whole other world of strolling through Central Park, being on a flight to Rome, or just being in the life of a never-ending adventure.

You are basically no longer the individual you once were, you will not see things the same no more and others may see you as crazy or silly oops, because I have experienced this myself.

The reason why being out there in the world and travelling with others ultimately the best idea with a mindset like this, is because you are surrounded by others who feel the way you do, they understand you and they may feel crazy for thinking and feeling this way also but hey, at least they understand.

As much as sometimes you may feel alone in feeling this way, you are most definitely not, the moment you continue to follow this dream you will find so many others out there in the world who are on the same journey as you. They struggle in the average day to day life, and feel the urge to live the wandering filled lifestyle. Whether you get to keep these people in your everyday life or not, I can assure you keeping in contact with them is best for you, as you may go through deep times, where you feel down but being contact with people who understand you, the language you speak (travel, adventure wise) and the world you are in will benefit your happiness.

It is extremely important to continue to do what makes you happy and nothing less, which is why I begun Miss Wanderess, at the times where I am unable to be wandering unknown land I can be living my dream by writing about what I love and I am passionate about. I know some may not understand why I feel this way, that is okay. For those who do, never stop believing and always ensure you are happy and continue to wander the world, never force yourself into a role, job or something you think you have to do because I can speak for myself it could basically destroy you and your happiness.

Never stop travelling, never stop changing but always live your days with never ending adventures, smiles and laughter, I hope to one day cross paths with you all.

Happy Travelling 🙂

Love, Marijanna

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