Surviving an Australian Summer…

Alright….. Are you currently in Australia in the Summer of 2017 and struggling through this dreadful heatwave (or for us poor Sydney siders the constant weather changing), whether you are at work, visiting the beach or at home where your air-conditioning does not even feel like it is working, I have come up with a few tips I have thought of that could help you all get through these dreadful days.



ZOOPER DOOPERS – Don’t lie you already knew I was going to list this one, and if you didn’t or do not know what these are… Please leave your phone / laptop screen and hop in your car, on your bike or public transport to the local shop and please buy these for your freezer right now! I cannot emphasize enough how incredible these lifesavers are, can I just say my household has already gone through like 4 lots. (Iam guilty that the last 45 degree day here in the west, I did most definitely have like 4 or 5 ha).


STAY OUT OF THE HEAT? – A very obvious but important point, sometimes the heat can become a little too much to handle and it comes to the point where you find yourself feeling super drained. I highly suggest you stay indoors (in the air con), at home is the best option as you have everything there, visit the shopping mall (BEST AIRCON), go to the movies once again they are a great idea.


FIND WATER – Yes the beach is the greatest option, and everyone’s favourite place to go on a hot summers day, always a fun and exciting day out (please always ensure you are loaded with bottles or water and food to make sure you don’t end up dehydrated). Local pools or your own pool, they are great ideas as you don’t get the ugly sand everywhere and do not have to worry about currents, or sharks? (If children are swimming always make sure an adult is around).



SUN SCREEN – You guys laugh that I have listed this, but it is funny the amount of people who forget sun screen. Always ensure you put it on before you head out in the sun, to make sure it has soaked into the skin.


HAY FEVER SUFFERERS – I can understand how dreadful hayfever is, when you feel like you a crying but you aren’t, like you are about to sneeze your eye balls out or when you are fitting in 3 or 4 sneezes in a minute, record! Simply avoid yourself from being outside all the pollen, dust or anything can start your hay fever straight away.


THE FAN ISN’T COLD? I found this awesome tip online where you put a bowl of ice in front of your fan and it blows beautiful cold air your way, feeling like you have your own DIY fan in your room.



  • Take an umbrella or tent, please do this!!!!! It comes to a point in the day where you actually cannot stand the sun and heat. A simply umbrella or tent is incredible, also helpful to keep the drinks and food out of the sun.
  • Wear closed shoes (sounds funny) but remember your feet feeling like you had stepped on a barbeque from the sand, and remember you don’t want to be the one running with your thongs (flip flops) on and flicking sand on all the poor people.
  • Get there early for so many reasons! You avoid the busy beach and get a great spot near the water, also you get a close park which is the best when you are basically dying from the heat in the afternoon and can barely walk to the car.


I hope this helps! Have a great summer 🙂

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