Currently my 5 favourite Travel Bloggers

Hello there humans, today I thought I would cover some of my favourite Travel Bloggers I have in my following list and I am obsessed with their online blogs. Feel free to follow them, I am sure they would more than appreciate it! If you have any great bloggers you think I should follow please let me know.

I have linked all of their Online Blogs and Instagram accounts.


Free and Addicted –             Online Blog / Instagram

They are an awesome NZ (New Zealand) couple who chose to do ‘Van Life’ through Europe. Their blogs online are incredible and completely indulging (I totally want to live in a Van and explore the world). They also have an Instagram, where they post absolutely beautiful photos.


Kiwis Off Course –                Online Blog / Instagram

Once again, another incredible Kiwi (New Zealand) couple who first moved to London and then caught the ‘Travel Bug’ and are basically on a never ending adventure. They are active online on their website and they also have a beautiful Instagram account.


Tahnee –                               Online Blog / Instagram

A 21-year-old Aussie, living it up in London. She’s an awesome Blogger who writes about all things travel, fashion and beauty. She also has an online blog where she writes and also an Instagram. Another thing is Tahnee is a YouTuber, so you are sure to find some awesome vids up on her YouTube channel once you click on her website link the little icon for YouTube will be up there too.


The Sweet Dreamers –        Online Blog / Instagram

A young couple who left behind their jobs, studies and family to life their dream of travelling the world. They enjoy living in communities from all around the world. They are currently located in the Gold Coast, Australia. They have awesome blogs and an adventurous Instagram.


World of Wanderlust –         Online Blog / Instagram

A young incredible Aussie who has been living the blogger dream after beginning this journey a few years ago. She has become an absolute star, and has published her first book (which I have as well). I highly recommend anyone to follow her on her Instagram and Online Blog.


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