Steps to hopping back on track, and finding your way again

Sometimes we all get a little lost in life…

There comes a time in your life whether it happens once, even a few times where you don’t necessarily know what you are doing or where you are headed in the future. This period of your life can sometimes be seen as a difficult obstacle to get through as you tend to question your everything. What you have done and why you had done particular things? Personally I can reassure you that everything will work out completely fine, literally. You will thank yourself for keeping it together and take each day step by step.


Let me help you here…

As I have experienced this and sometimes in the messy way. I thought I would put together a few little things you can do to push yourself through this period and avoid crumbling, the way I did. It can get ugly both emotionally and mentally.

  1. Write down a list of things you love to do – This is incredibly helpful, write it down at a time when you are feeling inspired and happy. When the time comes where you are feeling a little down and negative you are able to refer back to this list to do the activities, which make you feel nothing but positive and happy.
  2. Give yourself a life mantra – If you are not aware of what a Mantra is; it is known as a ‘sacred message or text,’ which you would generally follow. I follow ‘Replace negative thoughts with positive ones’. I actually have it written on a piece of décor in my room to remind me every day.
  3. Keep it visual – Whether you are somebody who is inspired visually, I find having an item which tends to have a positive impact on you floating around the house somewhere. Whether it is a quote (like mine), a toy, a book or plant. Find what it may be and keep it around somewhere you find yourself and when you are feeling down make a visit to this and remind yourself how it makes you feel.
  4. Talk to somebody – I am the most non social person out there and would avoid talking in any possible situation. I would basically call myself an introvert. Although I didn’t like to talk, I forced myself to do it. I don’t mean head to the doctor and ask to see a therapist.. Of course if that is what you would like to do then definitely go for it. I also mean somebody close to you like a mother, brother, father… anyone you trust really. I found opening up to someone about how I was feeling a little lost in my life always nudged me a bit in the right direction and help me get back on board, you’d call it a little pick me up, right?
  5. Read – find a topic in books that you cannot stop reading and go for it and do not stop. I found reading books, my best therapy as you think of nothing but visualising what is happening in the book and replace this over your own worries. After reading a few books I found my obsession was with Biographies & True Stories, so don’t necessarily give up after reading one book try a few and find the fit for you.
  6. NEVER compare yourself to others – We all have probably done this a few times, and it never makes you feel good. Avoid it in any way possible!!!! Always be proud of everything you have done and just remind yourself everybody does life differently and we are all at different stages.
  7. Clap for yourself – I don’t mean literally clap for yourself, although if you want to then definitely go for it (haha). Though I am relating to your successes, and every little step you take forward. Whether you are achieving little things like getting out of the house, a new job, a holiday or buying a car, clap. Be so damn proud of yourself and treat yourself for making these achievements. Whether you a person who likes to share achievements with others go for it. I am somebody who keeps very quiet about my achievements, I clap for myself (not literally). I make myself happy and work towards my next goal!
  8. And please, never give up – I know how hard it can get, but never give up. As they say ‘just keep swimming’ literally just keep pushing through. Happiness, Success and your dream life is the light at the end of the tunnel although it isn’t there yet. You will be proud of yourself in the future. You will never look back, only to reflect on how far you have come. It has to be the most incredible and satisfying feeling in the world saying to yourself ‘I did it’. I know to some this may seem like something tiny but there are some who will understand. One day now or later, everyone goes through a stage. It does get tough… but just keep swimming, there is still an ocean out there waiting to be explored.

I wanted to share this with you all mainly because it happens. It is happening right now with many people out there in the world. We all get a little lonely sometimes, but you are never alone. Even if I don’t know you, I am proud of you and how far you have come. I want to give you a big hug. In saying this please be proud of yourself from how far you have come in your life. Keep on going and never look back.
Ps. It gives me the biggest smile in the world and never-ending happiness writing this, in hope to change lives.




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