I knew that I had to change something…


The beginning of Miss Wanderess as you all may know was based on travel. It was a given opportunity for me to be able to write on my experiences and future endeavours through travelling. Although I had come to a conclusion on basing my site and social media strictly to travel. Also, I found that making my site specific to travel I was not be able to write and post enough for you all and for my own self.  There is nothing more that I enjoy than writing and posting on my site to share with everyone, there was just nothing for me to write about…. and I knew that needed to change!



I have decided to switch over to writing and posting on everyday lifestyle, this is a big game changer. In my head I can already thinking of tons to write and post about, I am excited to start this journey. Do not stress guys, I will continue to post travel related posts, for when I do adventure on trips as there is no way I can not share those experiences! I’m super excited to share this with you all.


There are definitely going to be a few challenges to this. As I have never really based anything specifically on lifestyle, I am going for it and excited as ever. I have a plan. Even more exciting, I have a list of goals I am hoping to achieve through this and I cannot wait. I am most happy when writing about lifestyle, I plan to change as many lives as possible. I plan writing on health, wellbeing, living, travel and many more topics. (if you would like me to write on anything particular, please let me know).


After going through a difficult time myself the past couple of months. I decided it’s what I need to pursue, as I know this makes me most happy. I love sharing my ideas, thoughts and you can say hacks on living through the 21st Century. Life does get tough at times but if you keep pushing through, you will find you place perfectly in the world. When you find that place, push for it and never look back, which is what I plan to do for now.


I am definitely open to any tips, guides and all of that. If any of you have questions let me know. Thank you for those who have continued to stay on board. Once again, I am super excited for where this may go.

Welcome to the new world of Miss Wanderess friends! Enjoy.




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