5 Fun walks to do in Sydney


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Hello again lovely readers, I thought now that Winter is coming very fast to Sydney that I would share some walking tracks to keep warm. These are great to do all year round and super fun to do with friends. Most of these walks have longer and shorter options, which makes it quite flexible on how long you wish to walk for, also have great areas for photography if you love that also. Make sure to wear comfy sporty clothes to avoid feeling yucky or sore after AND pack water (I alway forget, it happens).


1. The Royal National Park 

The home of ‘The Wedding Cake Rock’, and many little beaches. The National Park is also one of the greatest place to go on a day out for a walk or run. There are walks that range from minutes to hours, it really just depends on what you wish to do. It runs along the East Coast of Australia, known for a really great place for photos. (Please stay safe when visiting the park as it can be very easy to get lost and is extremely large).

How to get there: It can depend on where you are coming from in Sydney. If coming from the Western side of Sydney it may be best to drive through Heathcote Road and if coming from the Eastern side probably best to use the Princess Highway. There is generally parking and I am not sure about Public Transport.



2. Wentworth Falls – Blue Mountains 

The Blue Mountains is located only 60 km from Sydney Central. It is an extremely large mountain range which is known as been 200 km long from the North to South side. You are sure to find some extremely incredible walking tracks and lookouts for photos. One I have visited myself and walked was the Wentworth Falls where you are able to view the beautiful Waterfall. From my knowledge I believe there are two tracks one short and one extremely long (which in fact I did by accident and completely regretted it, after thinking for 3-4 hours I was lost). Both tracks you are able to view the waterfall.

How to get there: You are only able to access the Blue Mountains by heading down the M4 which leads to the Great Western Highway, where you then drive through and take whichever exit you wish to visit. There are many great tours which do head out to the mountains also, best to check online!


You can see a little me in the corner.

3. Bondi to Coogee 

Known as one of the best coastal walks to do in Sydney. It is most busy on both Saturday and Sunday as most people do it on a weekend morning. It is an incredible walk to do, the vibe is great. Of course there is also extremely beautiful scenery. You can take pets on this walk also which is fantastic and fun. Another great thing about this walk is if you either decide to start on Bondi or Coogee end, on both side there are delicious breakfast / lunch spots which you can eat at after the long walk.

How to get there: If you live locally you can definitely walk there, or just a simple drive to either of the beaches Coogee / Bondi and basically begin from there. It can get extremely busy, try and get there early. There are definitely many public transport options also to both locations.


4. Bradley’s Head to Chowder Bay 

This is a great walk if you wish to stay local to the city and get the bush feel. It is located right next to Taronga Zoo. I love this walk mainly because you great great views of the city whilst also walking through bushes. There are also many brunch spots around here. It can generally take 1-2 hours.

How to get there: Head towards Taronga Zoo where you will end up on Bradley’s Head Road and you’ll find the parking lot. The walking track does start there. Keep in mind the parking lot may have fees. There are also public transport options for this walk.



5. Manly to North Head Walk  

First of my favourite thing on this walk is seeing the whales. If you do want to see the whales make sure you go during June-October (there is no guarantee on seeing them but let’s hope so). This is another great walk which starts on the northern end of Manly beach and generally ascend into North Head, you will get a chance to stop and take photos at lookouts. It is beautiful to go on a warm day.

How to get there: You can definitely drive and park locally to Manly if you wish, there are also many public transport options available.


If you want to check out more walks and options for hiking tracks in Sydney check it out here. Thank you all for reading. I hope you are able to head on to one or all of these walks, as they are all breathtaking. You tend to feel a sense of satisfaction after doing them. Take a camera along and a pal. Please do not be me, and remember to take a backpack and water for the longer ones (I always forget). Any questions, let me know. Last but not least, have fun!!




ps. There are two photos on here I had to fetch from somewhere else, which has been sited. As I lost a bunch of photos from the period of time I went on those two walks.

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