Mental Health Awareness Month

Why we should really be acknowledging this month..

This topic should be acknowledged every day not just a month, mental health is more important than we think. This gives me chills. ‘The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that approximately 1 MILLION people die each year from suicide. That’s one every 40 seconds in the year’. It is quite a chilly thought when you really think about it. These lives are brought into the world and are not meant to die this way. They are a lifetime full of potential and beautiful experiences but they end too early and for many horrible reasons.


It can all really start from a simple bad day, or a bad experience which can then shape the rest of an individuals life. You tend to go from this bad experience, to falling into depression / anxiety and then becoming severely isolated from the world because you do not know why you are like this, how to get out of this and think this is the end.


What can we do as a community? 

I am a strong believer in coming out of a situation like this. In turning your life around and making a change for the better. Although, a percentage of the 1 million who commit suicide each year, may not necessarily have the right resources or support networks and sadly because of this a beautiful life full of never ending opportunity and potential is over, just like that. This is why it is extremely important to be mindful of others around you. Whether everything in your life is going fantastic (that’s absolutely great, and good on you for getting yourself there!) but there are others that are at the lowest point at life, where a word someone says, a look someone gives or that smile you didn’t give to that stranger could push them over the edge.


There is nothing more I love to do than to smile, and say hello to strangers out there (of course some may find this silly) but it is important because everyone has a story, everyone needs a little faith sometimes. It is really scary to think all of this.


If I was to relate to myself and my story, I did have a bad experience which kind of turn my life upside down and ‘rocked my world’ in a weird way you could say.

There is most definitely a time when I went into a little bad state. I was always super excited to get stronger and excited to see what I could come out with in the end! That lead to this. It was important to me that I would always use my support network of family or friends to support me (as myself personally didn’t like the thought of speak to a professional, no thanks) but talking to my loved ones done a heap for me. I did lose a lot during this time, I quit my job, stopped talking to friends and rarely left the house. After a while I begun working on everything. I regained employment, I started my hobby (blogging) and started socializing more, bit by bit and that is all it takes.


If you sense something different with a friend or loved one, do not hold back. Try and ask them if they are okay, let them know you are there and never be too pushy. Just offer your support. Check back in once in a while, often if someone is suffering from anxiety they do not like to go out so maybe pay visit instead of dragging them out of the house, you know just keep them distracted. It is the little things that matter, that can change a life really. If you can be the change in someone’s life, be that opportunity to save a life. It’s much more rewarding than anything you can imagine in the world.


Have you noticed a change in your Mental Health?  

There is absolutely nothing wrong with you if you are noticing some change to your mental health. Although, it is important to notice this and be aware that you may need to do something. And, really sometimes you are the only person who can save yourself from this dark world. Will you thank yourself once you get out (HELL YES). I am not a counsellor, psychologist or any time of therapist although I know how it can get and I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel even if you cannot quite see it yet, it is there let me remind you.


Making little changes in your life bit by bit can make a huge difference on your entire life. For example- if you are having problems in a workplace begin looking for somewhere new. Also, know that you are going to find something new over time. If you struggle in large social situations maybe try avoid going to these events, just socialize with immediate friends. Even just simply listening to meditation at the end of the day and relaxing can really make a difference.


You need to know this, there are incredible things waiting to be done by you out there in the world and you have a future ahead of you (no matter your age) you can do anything in any amount of time if you pick yourself up and push for it. 


A few tips from me: 

  • If something is making you extremely unhappy / trapped, leave it!
  • When you notice a change in your mental health / or someone around you, do something about it!
  • Talk to someone!
  • Make a small or big change in your life, for the better!
  • Write down your progress & watch yourself change, be proud.
  • Be there for your loved one who is in a bad state, never let them think they are alone!

Last of all…. Please do not think of suicide as an option. You are alive, you can be happy, you have a future (a beautiful future) ahead of you. There is always help, and do not feel ashamed. Talk to me if you feel like you have no one, there is always someone there. Keep your head up and show the world your strength!


“We are all human, we all have a heart & feelings. Love each other, smile at that stranger, be the change in that person’s life or be the change in your own life.”

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