Blogger Interview #2 – By Breharne

Welcome to my second blogger interview! An incredible blogger from Sydney, Australia. She shares her journey on her blog and gives some advice for those in the industry and wanting to start out!

Blogger Interview #2

Your Name: Breharne Al Zoubi Your Blog Name: by breharne

What you specialize in?: Lifestyle/Parenting

Where are you from: Sydney, Australia



  1. Tell me a little about yourself and your blog?

In a nutshell, I’m a 20 something mummy to two girls. Have jus started my Law degree, work part time as a virtual assistant and I’m the face and fingers behind ‘by breharne’ the lifestyle blog. My blog features anything and everything that I am interested in. I share my thoughts on topics relating to women, my favourite beauty products, blogging tips and parenting stories and experiences.


  1. How long ago did you start blogging? 

I started my blog in early 2016, so we are just over 1 year old now.


  1. What made you begin the journey of by breharne blog? 

I started my blog as a form of personal therapy. I’ve always loved writing and at the time I was living far away from my family and friends. So I thought what better way to keep them up to date with what we are up to aswel as being able to do something I love. When I started writing 12 months ago, I never would’ve thought that I would have the amount of readers and followers that I do today.


  1. What do you love most about what you do?

Oh wow, there are so many things I love… I suppose the thing I love most is the friends I’ve made from blogging. I’ve made other blogger friends, friends with people that work for brands that I’ve worked with and crazily I’ve even became friends with a few of my readers.


  1. Have you made any big changes to yourself / blog since you have begun?

I haven’t made any changes to myself. I’ve always stayed true to who I am through my writing and social media channels. But I’ve changed my blog a bit sine I began. If so, what were they?  I initially was exclusively a parenting blogger and I featured my children a lot across my social media. I have since changed my blog in the sense that I now write more about lifestyle topics and due to a scary IRL incident I don’t feature my children as heavily as I did before.


  1. In the future where do you hope your blog will take you?

I would love for my blog to turn into a profitable source of income for me. I have a lot of ideas of how I would like to do it but I am keeping a lid on that for now! hehe


  1. What are your overall thoughts on the blogging industry?

I have only positive thoughts about the blogging industry. Though I feel like bloggers and influencers haven’t really carved a permanent position in the eyes of the public or media as yet. Being such a new channel if needs time to gain respect and authenticity.


  1. How do you keep yourself organized and motivated when blogging?

I wish I could say I was organised.  With 2 young children, work and study I am rarely able to stick to my blogging schedule. But that’s the beauty of blogging I guess, I am my own boss! Motivation also comes and goes. Late last year I had a lot going on in my home/personal life and I took a leave from blogging for about 4 months! But after taking that break, when I was ready I came back excited and I inspired.

  1. Are you working as a full time blogger? If not, do you plan to? 

Yes, you could say I work as a full time blogger but my blogging income doesn’t reflect a full time salary. I do generate an income by writing sponsored posts and social media promotions but I still need income from my job to make ends meet. I do plan to generate a full time income from my blog, but all in good time. I don’t want to turn my love of blogging into a hated job.


  1. How do you stay inspired to post, do you have a little mantra? 

My mantra is ‘just hit publish’. I have always been a bit of a perfectionist and hate not presenting A++ work. But by being so hard on myself I bruise my motivation and block any inspiration. So my mantra helps to remind me that my work doesn’t have to be perfect.


  1. Any advice for bloggers out there, or individuals wanting to start?

Just start! Learn as you go. Find a mentor. And, have fun!


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