About Me

Welcome friends!

This all really begun in 2016 when I came back from a short trip which was kind of supposed to go for casually an extra 11 months. I decided although some times situations do not necessarily work out all the time, I wanted to turn it as positive as I can. I came to noticed I really enjoy writing for hours and realised I can do something a little more with this, which is where Miss Wanderess begun. It was originally supposed to be a travel based blog but there were a few changes made to make myself post more actively.


In the years 2016 – 2017 I have gone through a rough patch in I guess ‘finding myself’ and my place really, in this big world. It has been quite tough at times and ugly I guess, as they say it’s got to get ugly before it gets pretty, right? Throughout this period of time is when Miss Wanderess become a ‘thing’. During the time I was lost in my world of writing posts, editing my site and chatting to followers I found myself most content. I understood that basing my site around travel itself is not something I wish to continue, as I wanted to make a difference on lifestyle. I wanted to write through my experiences and assist others who may go through the same period at some point. I basically needed to change and base everything around lifestyle and wellbeing. As this has become a topic extremely important to me lately.

I want to embark on this journey with full speed and my goal is to be a guide and assist others in every day challenges, and don’t worry travel lovers I will continue to post on my travel experiences, that’s a given.

It is extremely important to commit to what you value, and that is those experiences and moments that make you happy, that make you most content. I once read a quote which kind of changed everything, “What if right at this moment your life was taken from you? What would regret from the life you lived? Did you do everything that made you happy in the time you given?” I cannot express the difference this made on my life and how I see every day. In which I hope it does for everyone else.


Once again, Welcome to Miss Wanderess. I want to thank you for the visit and I hope I’ve made the difference.

Love, Marijanna.